Journalist: Gatekeepers of the News

Has Online Media Killed The Gatekeepers?


“The gatekeepers of news have lost their keys”

“Bypassing the gatekeepers”

“Gatekeepers have lost their value”

“The gates have been blown away”

“The end of the gatekeeper”

Going off headlines alone, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the field of journalism had all but died out. The headlines paint a pretty bleak picture. The increased freedom of information online has drastically changed the media landscape and, intern, journalism forever… but I seriously doubt that we are heading for an all out extinction!

Politicians have long been trying (and failing) for years to bypass the gatekeepers of the news. But now, luckily for them, the technology has finally caught up! Politicians from both sides have jumped at the opportunity to detour around the journalists to get out the information that they want. No longer are they slaves to have journalists decided to ask and report. Has social media become the ultimate…

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Marketing Trends 2013

Market Potential

Marketing Trends 2013

2013 Marketing Trends

Social Media is on the rise and will continue to grow as the main source of communication and time spent for many users.  Social media will continue to become more integrated in our lives.  As example are the uses of 4-square and Google Check-in feature.  As users will want to know where there friends and far-off relatives are while wanting to share their own experiences.  This public voyeurism will continue to rise as we become more mobile.  As interactivity over social media increases, it becomes more important for companies to have a plan for how to handle different comments positive or negative.  Speed is the name of the game as users will see a company solving problems rapidly will be a positive.  Users continue to use social media as a good means of word-of-mouth.

social media trend 2013

Email as a form of communication is on its way out.  Compare email and…

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In The Courts of Royalty

Gossip is a cancer and it can destroy any organization. A large company can literally suffer millions, if not billions from what seems like as simple a thing as gossip. That dragon of negativity sneaks in like a snake at first. It might start with one negative comment, disguised as passion for one’s work or life. That comment is passed on to someone who can do nothing about the problem. Of course, we all know that misery loves company and before you know it you have a dragon of misconception and misunderstanding seething in the belly of your company, organization, or kingdom.

Don’t you ever think that this dragon has a conscience and won’t sneak it’s ugly head into your upper management. To tell you the truth, that is exactly where he wants to be. If he can capture the few who are at the top he can affect the entire…

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Fire Erupted at Wal-Mart in Bangladesh


The sad news spread very fast around Dhaka, Bangladesh when a fire erupted in a Wal-Mart factory Saturday night. Over 100 lives were lost in this tragic event and many people were injured.

Considering a PR practitioner position in this situation,it is important to have a strategic plan for possible threats and the resources need for reaction. Anticipating conflict or crisis and developing a set of demands to follow is always a good way to avoid organizational recovery.

Also, organizations should be honest when confronted with conflict or crisis. According to James Grunig and Todd Hunt, “PR practitioner’s are responsible for the management of communication between an organization and it’s public.” We need to make sure that we communicate well in crisis. Provide a constant communication flow of information, be accessible, place your public first and assist to their questions and reactions, monitor news and media coverage are a few suggestion offered by Timothy W. Coombs when responding to a crisis.

I am only a PR practitioner in practice and can only offer limited advice on controlling conflict when manifested. A recent report stated in the article announces that some 6,000 people die every year in fires in Bangladesh. With this being said, planning for fire outbreaks seems essential.


In conflict what is stirred
is fear that we might choose the wrong
and, living, loving, turn to bitterness
through disbelief. The song
is hollow in the whisper heard
by broken shadows, which, fractured, long
for right to cleanse and heal
through scars that ache and scream
But which is worse?
The sacrifice which lets us know
a sacrifice was made?
(And yet we leave…)
to live within the world
the sacrifice would save
and, bitter, grieve?


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If there’s one universal theme that is central to Rankin/Bass’ 1964 classic children’s television special, Rudolph theRed-Nosed Reindeer, it’s conform.  Conform, or be exiled to the harsh gulag of society’s outer circle, which in this particular case, is an island of freak toys that are ruled over by some kind of flying lion thing.  Not good.

Obviously the creators of one of the most viewed holiday specials in the history of television didn’t set out to prove that point, but alas, there it is.  Rudolph is supposed to represent one’s ability to overcome personal short comings and become useful and productive amongst society.  In short, Rudolph’s unique gift ends up making him one of the most revered protagonists in history.  Of course, this is all after his father made excuses and attempted to cover up his own unbearable embarrassment of his only son.  Look…

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